Portfolio Cover

While looking around for inspiration in other portfolios, I found that there are many great designs that become unreadable with suffocating layouts that include too much information. So I made sure that my drawings had some breathing space. Also, I love drawings that speak for themselves, so I arranged the text in a single column, on the left side of the spreads, so that it doesn’t “intoxicate” the drawings, and let them breath, freestanding and uncluttered. Now the drawings can relate to each other, and if you need descriptive information, you can look for the text on the left.

There are eight design projects, one from each academic semester, and two investigations. This was mostly a requirement from the graduate program I applied (they required at least one from each design class), but I do think the projects show a nice balance and variety. I initially had 14 projects, but I found it too excessive and it would be too onerous for the time I had to complete it. So I carefully chose the ones I thought showed my best work.

The cover image is from one of my projects, which looks great graphically. I only changed the color scheme to white, grey, and yellow.

Here are some spreads from the portfolio, which I printed home with Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper.


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