Captus is a Mixed-Use Urban Housing Project designed to meet contemporary housing needs by combining a series of smart design decisions and sustainable strategies, creating an economical and eco-friendly housing alternative for people that want to live in the city. As an initial strategy, the location was carefully selected to maximize the interaction with public services such as the Train Station, located adjacent to the project. The organizational concept was to designate three special areas, two atriums and a courtyard, which are going to define the circulation strategy in the project’s triangular site. The ground floor has four commercial spaces for rent to activate the special areas that will integrate with the Train Stations traffic, generating constant movement and activities, which will ensure security. Captus features four floors of apartments and a community salon in a mezzanine between the first and second floors. A total of 24 apartments are available, ranging from single bedroom studios to 3 bedroom family apartment. Captus includes amenities such as balconies in every apartment, parking space, common laundry service, completely naturally ventilated, and a triple height recreational area.

Captus Site Plan

Section Cuts

Entrance View