Interior Design of Olympic Agency Insurance new offices in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. 7,000 square feet

Project Completion May 2014

Design Team: Alfredo Marín, Verónica Gonzalez, and Carlos Vigo

Photography: Alfredo Marín-Carle

Our client wanted a change from the dim colors and sterile environments of his previous offices. We wanted to provide the client with color, texture, and art for better workplace energy, efficiency and delight. While creating enjoyable spaces for the users, we also wanted to create a better environment for production. Our goal was to create a positive animus by altering the traditional corporate stimulus and providing memorable and positive impressions.




We selected an assortment of materials, colors and textures to create a theme that carries the emotions and atmosphere our client wanted to portray. We used natural wood tones with various finishes for added warmth and coziness. Metals brought an industrial balance to the natural materials. Exposed brick was used to highlight high importance areas. This helped us also add texture and visual complexity with the help of shadows produce by the brick surface and pattern. We left concrete exposed on some ceilings, highlighting areas of high traffic versus more personal areas. All these, coupled with warm neutral tone colors, worked as the backdrop for the meticulously selected artwork featured throughout the workspaces. We did not restrain ourselves with the colors, shapes, textures, proportions and sizes of the artwork exhibited, creating a dynamic and stimulating visual ambiance. Other highlights were created with furniture selections, lighting and styling.