Brise-soleil from street

A brise-soleil was designed to remedy some aspects of the building, such as its general aesthetics, interior light quality, interior protection from sun, definition of entrance, and its integration with context. Aluminum was chosen as the main material for the brise-soleil as it inspires security and protection. The design consists of a series of horizontal metal planks that are bolted on to a truss structure that takes the form of a wave pattern. This enables it to have an outward protrusion that can be seen from the street. It’s divided in 48 sections with different protrusion angles that regulate sun, wind, and rain exposure, as well as being non obstructive because of the small scale of its individual members. This new image of the building positively integrates with the context because of the recent revitalization policies of Rio Piedras and it also provides an identity symbol for the community.

Brise-soleil at night




Designed by Carlos Vigo