Urban Design Charrette, University of Puerto Rico – Georgia Institute of Technology



The Sagrado Corazón site, located on the edge of the Hato Rey financial district where Santurce begins and the Urban Train line ends, has failed to provide adequate urban confluence by not possessing a sense of place, failing to establish a stronger transportation network, and not providing a sufficient microclimate to allow for pedestrian activity.





Development Goals:


•     Re-Introduce Event Space

Introduce a public space to connect people from the surrounding communities.


•     Increase Walkability

Improve the streetscape and reduce heat islands to provide a more walkable environment.


•     Establish Site As A Transit Hub

Provide infrastructure for planned light rail station, improve bus access, increase pedestrian traffic, connect to Plaza las Americas and other destinations via dedicated street car or trolley, and connect pedestrians to the boardwalk and ferry system.


Design Team: Carlos Vigo, Rafael Marrero, Jesús Aponte, and Stephen Struttmann with Oscar Marty, Darwin Marrero, and Ellen Dunham-Jones