A seating apparatus was designed using as a starting point a detail of an object that uses tension and compression as a system. A butterfly latch was selected and analyzed in section drawings to understand its function and generate a design idea. The latch uses a spring that compresses a rotary element to snap into a secure state when closed, and requires force to open. This principle is applied in a seating apparatus as a mechanism for comfort in the act of seating.

Butterfly latch

Dimensions and Proportions


Two opposite L-shaped pieces are designed to work with the mechanism to create an apparatus that resembles the latch in form and function. As downward force is applied in the act of seating, the spring balances a rotary element that regulates the height and absorbs impact. After various draft models and design detailing, a full-scale model of the seating apparatus was created using mostly plywood.

Woman sitting on apparatus and close-up

Designed by Carlos Vigo