From Pruitt-Igoe to Space-Igoe:

Promoting an urban renaissance of the city of St. Louis

The Pruitt-Igoe site, abandoned for the last 36 years, is a perfect example of the urban condition of St. Louis beyond its Downtown border and a testament to the city’s “urban renewal trauma.” We believe that any proposal for the redevelopment of this site must serve as a catalyst for the renewal of urban life and for the redevelopment of northern St. Louis.

Our proposal, Space Igoe, is a science fiction themed facility dedicated to the study of how science fiction has changed the world. It will be a showcase of the influence of science fiction on the science and technology of the past, present and future. This facility will complement the mission of the nearby Challenger Learning Center and the St. Louis Science Center science learning by providing a distinctive and exciting way of presenting science and technology. We believe that this project will attract a sustainable influx of people, from a floating population of tourists to local residents, which will serve as a catalytic agent for urban redevelopment adjacent to the site leading to an eventual renaissance of the city.

Our proposal includes a convention center, which will focus on activities and events related to science fiction, such as Comic-Con and WonderCon, which will attract thousands of visitors and tourist to the city. Next to the convention center, two large spheres will house an IMAX theater and the largest planetarium in the world. A science-fiction Laser Tag stadium, the largest in the world, will round up the entertainment portion of the facility.

We believe that Space-Igoe, with its remarkable mix of science and science fiction, will capture the imagination of the city’s residents and serve as a catalyst for its renaissance.

The Space-Igoe Team

Entry for the Competition Pruitt Igoe Now: The Unmentioned Modern Landscape

Space-Igoe Team: Angel Rafael Marrero, Jesus Aponte Fontanes, and Carlos Vigo